Having the CTRC designation gives me the ability to communicate to current and potential clients that I have completed additional education and certification in order to learn as much as I can about tax representation and the processes utilized within the IRS.  Successfully completing the CTRC program assures that I am adequately trained to do the most efficient planning and develop the best strategies to resolve clients’ tax issues.  It also affords me the benefit of being associated with Tax Rep Network and belonging to a larger group of professionals who are available to consult and strategize when needed.

– Shirley “Toni” McCord, CPA

Earning the designation gave me a whole new perspective and education on potential issues. As a result, I’m a better planner and advisor to my clients. Also, CRTC gives enormous insight into how the IRS works; as well as, humanizing the people who work there. Ultimately, I will work to renew my CRTC designation as it is an asset to my practice.

– AJ Yolofsky, Esq., CTRC

I feel the CTRC sets me apart from my competition, especially in my local area, because I’m pretty sure I am the only one North of the Bay Area to be CTRC at the moment. In the general population, barely anyone knows what an Enrolled Agent is, or what an NTPI Fellow is. However, CTRC actually means what the acronym stands for, once spelled out, and may be more clear to prospective clients. Plus, the program provided by Tax Rep Network is really solid and so is the support.

– Jessie Downs, EA, CTRC, NTPI Fellow